Personal Year Number for 2022

As the calendar changes every year, so does the numerology. 2022 carries the year number 6, which symbolizes the family.

To calculate your personal year number you need to add your date and month of birth to the year number. For ex. If you’re born on the 1st of October, you need to add 1 and 10, which is 11 reduced to 2. Now add the year number 6 plus 2 and you get 8. Your personal year number is 8.


Personalize your Ego on all lines. Do not give up on your dreams and goals. Be independent, follow your mind, but first make sure you are right. Go straight ahead, do not allow people or things to deviate you from your path. Listen to your inner voice, not external voices. Deliver the intended change to your new plan or adjust your current line of conduct. In front of you, there is a turn, the change hangs in the air. You have been waiting for this change for 9 years. You are the peak of your strength. Sow, plant – now is your time. Think ahead of what you would like to do in the next 9 years. And do not be lazy.


This year the seed sown in the first year will germinate. This is not the time to act, but to attract. Things will happen if you are calm and receptive. Accumulate. Keep your mind open. Learn more new things. When communicating, be calm, cool, pleasant. Strengthen your friendships. Put together things that will help you achieve the goal. You will be given new chances, but wait for them to come by themselves. You still won’t reap the fruits of last year’s. Fertilize the soil and wait for the seed to germinate. Do not show excessive sensitivity.


Year to refresh old friendships and create new ones. Have fun and entertain others. There are joy and optimism around you. You will not be overburdened with responsibilities so enjoy life’s pleasures. You can throw yourself into doing a lot of things at once. Better finish one before you start another. , but do not be lenient. Some flowers planted the first year will germinate. You are surrounded with a halo of light, beauty; let others enjoy.


This year is meant for work. If you are indulgent and waste your time, your health may suffer and entertainment will taste bittersweet. Now you have to dig, plow, graft, if you want to have a break in the coming years. Do not repeat old mistakes, rather correct them. Specify your plans, strengthen their weak spots. Set a perfect order in your work. Watch out for your health and if needed – start a diet. Be sober and reasonable in everything. Do not stay without work.


This year, you must feel light and free as the air. At any cost, go somewhere – your chance is outside the routine and comfort zone. Clear any of the old things, to open up new places. The fifth-year is a year of progress. Be innovative in your traditional work. Focus very much on advertising. Let diversity do not make you restless. Use it to learn new things. Do not waste your energy, balance your concentration and expansion. Do many different things, but those that will benefit you. If you’re in a dead-end, get out of there.


This year responsibilities are greater than during the fifth year. Do not plan an intense personal life – people will look for you from many places, in order to fix their lives. Restrict yourself and try to be happy with family life. You will be surrounded by love, friendship and happiness as long as you can attract them. Be executive and conscientious in everything. Do not leave any work unfinished. Do not rush, let things happen naturally. The sixth year is not a year of great achievement, things may be stalled, but the vibrations support the action of the law. Favorable time for marriage and everything related to the family.


The spiritual bird must stay in the nest. It is an inappropriate time for public or mass activity. Try to stay alone, to assess the mistakes of the past and to draw your future. Do not regret the past review it and arrange it in your thoughts. In business, everything stays as it is. It is not the time for extensions and changes, but a reflection, analysis and refinement. There is a positive financial vibration, as long as money is not the ultimate goal for you. Water the roots of what is worth keeping.


This year is your strong year. Now is the time to take a decisive step forward. If you have put effort and worked hard, you will now reap the fruits of your garden. The activity is significant, and the whole world is your field of action. Mobilize all your strengths and spread into new spheres. Make plans and work. Make things come in your hands and help you. But stay fair in everything. You are waiting for the great deeds, and you have the opportunity to realize them.


Time for weeding the garden in your home, at work, in personal relationships. The year will not always be easy because the stones of old obstacles will suddenly appear on your way, and if you do not move them, your car can turn around. Abandoned things from the past have to be finished now at all costs. Everything must be cleared, without delay. The year will be full of joy and happiness, as long as you do not feel that you are the centre of the universe. Year 9 is great for friendship, but it is not a bad idea to review your friends’ list. You are in the process of completing and preparing for a new cycle. Turn to music, arts, nature. Love and tolerate all.


Just like the seventh year, number eleven is internal. This is a time when ideals illuminate your path. Time of inner growth. Year 11 examines the principles that guide you in the work and interpersonal relationships. If you start from the bottom and make sure everything is firm and spotless, the vibrations will lead you to the right decisions. However, if you are not careful and do not check everything, you may fall into negative 2, and there you will be restricted. This year you will be excited about matters of religion and psychology. You may have a new revelation and enlightenment to pass on to others. 


This year pushеs to embody your dreams into reality. Vibrations affect not so much the person but the whole of mankind. You can be major initiators or participants, but your motivation should be universal, not personal, that is if you want to reap the fruits from the impact of vibrations. Work with full steam and jump over obstacles. It is this year that you have a chance to do something great for the benefit of the world

Strong and weak years:
1- Strong (high tide)
2- Weak (low tide)
3- Strong (high tide)
4- Weak (low tide)
5- Strong (high tide)
6- Weak (low tide)
7- Very weak (low tide/ drought)
8- Very strong (high tide)
9- Both strong and weak (high tide) and (low tide)
11- Weak (low tide)
12- Strong, but not personal, for the mankind (high tide)

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