The predictions of Slava Sevryukova

Slava Sevryukova is a Bulgarian clairvoyant, who was born in 1902.
She was a phenomenon that contributed most to the development of science. Graduated only from grade 4, she was named Professor at several world academies. She has made predictions are not only in the area of politics, but also about the challenges of the planet, the new humans, new times, new religions and relocation to other planets.

Challenges of the Planet

Climate changes

“The borders on the Globe will not remain such. The earth’s crust, building the shape of the continents, will change its appearance. The consequences – climatic surprises. There are major trials ahead. Some of the descendants will overcome them. “

The Earth is overcrowded

“Devastating cataclysms are ahead of us. The harmony between the visible and the invisible world is broken. Millions and billions souls are going to sail in the Hereafter.

“Life on Earth is subject to cosmic laws. The equilibrium between our world and the Beyond world has been broken l- with millions and billions of souls. We are overpopulated. To restore balance, millions and billions must go to the Hereafter – quickly and together… ”


Similar structure has the most important part of the human body- the head, which consists of main brain, enclosed in a skull box, sensory organs and etc. The main brain is like the core, the skull together with the skin- corresponds to the mantle and the crust.