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If you would like free reading with gypsy cards, please send your name, date of birth, marital status and children (if any). Your reading will be done for a time period of 3 to 6 months. Please, note that some events might take sooner or longer to happen. After your reading is done it will be published here on the website. Send your information to

Examples of how your reading will look like once its publishes:


Има знак за съдебно дело, в което финансовата част ще бъде много важна. Ще бъде добре да послушаш съвета или да приемеш помощта на млада жена, която може да бъде юридическо лице, но може да е твоя дъщеря, приятелка или роднина. 
В семейството ще се зарадваш на една материална придобивка или предстои сватба в кръга ти от роднини. 
В съдебните си дела (или при развод) не вярвай на никого, защото ще има опит да бъдеш излъгана или манипулирана в полза на другата страна (на съпруга ти). 
Има някакво притеснение около дома, в който живееш. Възможна е неочаквано преместване в друго жилище или възникване на друга стресова ситуация, която ще изиска бързи реакции и решения от твоя страна. 
Ще ти бъде даден късмет при разрешаването на важни за теб проблеми и неприятности, имай вяра и надежда за своето бъдеще и ако нещо се развива или става бавно, не бързай да изпадаш в паника. 
Ще имаш по-голям разход за дете или ще се ангажираш с една голяма сума пари за дете. 
В миналото си похарчила едни пари за семейството или за дома си, за имот или за нещо, което си смятала за важно тогава, и за което сега съжеляваш. 
Ще преживееш една неочаквана промяна или преместване, като нещо напълно ново или нов старт в живота ти. Някои събития ще се развиват много бързо, но ти ги остави да се движат сами, защото ще бъдат за твое добро. Бъди търпелива и се научи да изчакваш...
С бившия ти съпруг ще имате конфликт, както и опит от негова страна да те заблуди или изманипулира за нещо от финансов характер. 
Ще получиш важна за теб информация, предложение или новина от страна на мъж по-голям от теб или представител на някаква институция. 
В по-далечно бъдеще (неясно) ще имаш друг по-добър брак, но тогава ще се сблъскаш с проблеми с твоите деца или с децата на бъдещия ти съпруг.

There is a sign of a lawsuit in which the financial part will be very important. It would be good to listen to the advice or to accept the help of a young woman who may be a legal entity but may be your daughter, girlfriend or relative.
In the family you will enjoy a material benefit or a wedding in your circle of relatives.
In your lawsuits (or divorce), do not trust anyone because you will be trying to be deceived or manipulated in favor of your other party (your spouse).
There is some worry about the home you live in. There is an unexpected move to another home or the emergence of another stressful situation that will require quick reactions and decisions on your part.
You will be lucky enough to solve problems and troubles important to you, have faith and hope for your future, and if something develops or becomes slow, do not be in a hurry to panic.
You will have a higher cost per child or you will commit a large amount of money for a child.
In the past, you have spent some money on the family or your home, for a property or something that you thought was important then, and that you are happy about now.
You will experience an unexpected change or move as something completely new or a new start in your life. Some events will develop very quickly, but you let them move on their own because they will be for your own good. Be patient and learn to wait …
With your ex-husband, you will have a conflict as well as an attempt on his part to deceive or manipulate you for something of a financial nature.
You'll get important information, suggestions, or news from you about a man bigger than you or a representative of an institution.
In the distant future (vague) you will have another better marriage, but then you will encounter problems with your children or with the children of your future husband.

I.I. Russia
Next few months, an unexpected dispute or conflict in your workplace will give you greater clarity about what you want for yourself as professional development.
It can be a time (next 6 month - year) of long-awaited success or change in your life. New opportunities arise, even though they seem insignificant; they may actually prove to be a unique chance to achieve your goals or an old dream.
Alarming news may come from afar that will affect some loss in the lives of friends or relatives who live in another place or country.
If you need to travel by car, prepare your car for any situation.
Conflict in your home will return again to family history, past mistakes or secrets that have not been shared. It depends on you to find a better way to avoid such a situation, even though emotionally you may find yourself quite hurt.
Soon, many will be hoping to uncover the malicious actions of a person, but it can result in a dispute or conflict that can even lead to a lawsuit. There is nothing wrong in your actions, but you should be prepared for the consequences thereof.
Your love life will include some pleasant surprises, including those associated with new connections, unexpected acquaintances, an unexpected place or a strange sort of explanation.
During your near future, patience in matters of a material or financial nature will be rewarded in a way you deserve. You will have a feeling of satisfaction and pride in achievement.