Gemini Horoscope for 2022

Dear Gemini, it will be crucial this year to learn to make the most of the opportunities that fate will give you.

To find a means to get away, look for rational actions avoiding various restrictions that will arise due to various world events (the pandemic will not disappear in 2021).


The marital relationship will transform into a new level of communicating and interacting between the partners – each according to their spiritual development and readiness for change. You will look for new ways to manage your financial resources.
Many important tasks and events await you in 2022, and the preparation for them is already underway for almost every one of you.
During the year, it will be complicated to communicate with people born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, especially if they are members of your family or your romantic partner.
Misunderstandings, differences, jealousies, desire for control and other reasons will easily ignite serious conflicts. Many of your plans will be influenced by the decisions and actions of people of these three zodiac signs or ascendants.
If you have a father born from these three zodiac signs, you will remember the year with an important event.

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Financially, 2022 brings many surprises. The good ones will find a way to make you happy, but the unpleasant ones may be about people
around you. Their actions can hurt you emotionally through various remarks, jealousies, or contrary comments about your work or the
sources of income you have.
On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to expand your business through established friendly and professional relationships, acquire new knowledge and skills, implement new ideas and generally achieve real progress not only in your career (business) but also in your financial income.
Dreams related to your friends in the Beyond will carry important messages about your work or financial affairs.
Better opportunities for you during the year will come through the means of communications (the internet, exchange of letters and messages, the development of new and old acquaintances with people near or far).
2022 will be a favourable time for learning, acquiring new knowledge, a new level of education, etc.
You will have good results and experiences from short trips to the country where you live.
Some of you will remember the year with important events related to brothers, sisters, close cousins, neighbours and friends with whom you have close relationships.
The health of a family member will require care and attention. It is possible to stay in a hospital or specific treatment (therapy) at home.


Your family relationships will vary according to the stress they will be subject to at different times of the year.
Changes in the home, unexpected renovations may surprise some of you.
Boys and young men will look for pleasure and joy in more frequent trips and communication with people from different distances.
Some Gemini parents with older sons will experience a short or long separation due to work or relocation to another city or country.
During the year, the actions of those of you whose work is related to money will require attention (work in a bank, stock markets, investment funds, cashiers, accountants and others).
Possible change in your diet throughout the year, an illness will surprise you and force you to make such a change if you have not yet realized it.
Your relationship with representatives of the zodiac signs Leo, Sagittarius or Aries will be complex, with ups and downs in your
emotional communication. Separations are possible, but that should not be your goal.
You will also make significant expenses for your health, including procedures related to dentistry, SPA, rehabilitation, etc.
During the year, many of you will choose your friends, life or business partners several times. It will be tough to accept cynical, unpleasant or
annoying people. Your comfort and harmony will be your priority.
When someone openly or insidiously starts acting against you, you will lower yourself will wait for the time when these people will need you.
And it will happen. You will not enter into an open confrontation because you know that there are other ways to “punish”.
During the year, you will have many dreams related to people from the Otherworld including, those who have long passed into this parallel world. There will be no random things, record and follow the information. Try to interpret it for yourself because it is “handed over” to you personally.
Gains or inheritance from relatives can benefit many representatives of this sign. There will be no waste of resources. The times are such that
you already know that it is necessary to keep what is given, achieved, bequeathed.
Those of you who already have occult abilities will begin to receive different visions, to develop your skills in a new or deeper field of
Girls and young women Gemini can expect long journeys during the year. For parents, this can occur around an adult daughter or granddaughter.
Young single women will have the opportunity to seriously develop their romantic relationship with a partner of another religion, nationality or foreigner.
The year brings more weddings for girls and young women Gemini.
Professionally, the most powerful position for growth and success will be men over 35 years of age, but other representatives of Gemini will have favourable opportunities.
Not only your career but also your social or political life will be well developed.
In your work, you will receive significant or unexpected protection from a man born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.
Those of you who do not have your own home but have such aspirations and plans will achieve their realization.
It will be a promising year to buy a property, to start some construction, to improve a plot of land or land that you own.
There will be a refreshment of your home with new things that will provide better comfort and convenience.
2022 brings unexpected events in the lives of female relatives or friends over the age of 35.
New sources of income will appear. You will appreciate even the smallest of them because after them come other bigger ones.
Your foreign relations will expand and will be mainly with women.
Girls and young women Gemini can expect long journeys during the year. For parents, this can occur around an adult daughter or
Young single women will have the opportunity to seriously develop their romantic relationship with a partner of another religion, nationality or foreigner.

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