Edita’s thought

We live in the activeness of one aspect that will give you the feeling that we live in retrograde Mercury, but with a “garnish” or aggravating circumstances 😱😁😂

You will often hear or you will say, “I did not hear, I did not understand.” You will apologize or hear apologies in this direction. Communication will be quite difficult due to misunderstanding mainly with a partner, opponent or just the other party …. The aspect will be used by some as an excuse to achieve the goals. We will live in the feeling that no one understands us or that we do not understand the others, the World and everything in it 🙂

We will lack the awareness that there are no points of contact with important people in life and in our daily lives. We will not understand each other because of personal delusions or because we have thought of something that we have not checked to see if it is true, but have acted in the direction of realization. We will not even remember to check the reality.

There will be problems due to distraction, laziness and neglect of people, situations, responsibilities. We will look for pleasures without being interested in anything else. There will be fatigue!

Another very important topic that has an impact now and the time is right to work on it is the dramas and wounds of our childhood. The absences, the over-satisfaction, the excess (+ and -) in it, which have left a negative imprint in our souls. Now and in the coming weeks there will be insights or it will be a good time, depending on your personal natal chart, to work in this direction. Heal your souls, ask and forgive. Parents and relatives should be seen as individuals with personal, internal problems and efforts. We will only be healed if we go back and understand our parents from the standpoint of their own shortcomings, goals, and criticisms based on their natal charts. Probably, they acted from the position of their fears that they do not cope as parents or that they want to be perfect as such. They hurt you with their behavior without having anything to do with the child’s personality. Or their reaction was exaggerated because of the above.

And the third topic, active now, is the responsibility to oneself for growth and self-knowledge, honor, dignity, communication with oneself, dealing with anger, achieving goals and dreams.

Card of the day – “Thoughts”

Despite the clear meaning of this card, the day requires you to think in advance your actions and words and to reflect on what someone is saying or doing to you.

Card of the day - "Thoughts"

Today, it will be important to look for the true meaning of events, to avoid illusions or self-suggestion. On the first day of the week, clear your thoughts from the negative influences of people who like to complain or abuse others. What is in your head today is what you will get. Good thoughts will attract good events and vice versa.

Card of the day- Thoughts

Friday- August 16th, 2019

Today, it not important what you say, but what you think. The same goes for the people in your environment. On Friday, be cautious about your words and deeds, do not rush into anything, but do not go slow as well. Balance in everything will be your key to success, in your work and in your personal life. Make the most of your life experience today, but if you make mistakes, take them as a lesson.

Card of the day- Thoughts

This is a day of reflection, an evaluation on the achievements in the last seven to nine days, and planning for the next period of development. Today, you are not required to speak much. Save your words and actions, don’t waste your energy. Be wise, even with your patience. Today, be in the back of the crowd, avoid leadership or such decisions and engagements. You are subconsciously building your future today.