Birthday Horoscope for October 8th

Happy Birthday dear Libra, ahead of you is a year where you can achieve concrete results in areas related to education, career or business.

Birthday Horoscope for October 8th
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Expect many surprises throughout the year. Many of you will get movable or immovable property through a document, or you will have success in a court case or a legal case. You will receive an offer that will be related to an important change in your life. The year will delight many with news or an event related to motherhood, childbirth, etc. Your circle of friends, who will be from different distances, will increase, but do not be naive and think wisely who are real.

Card of the day – “Enemy”

The card today can be considered as an extension of what has happened yesterday.

Card of the day - "Enemy"

People who are trying to hurt you, take advantage of you in some way, and who will not find peace today, until they make any attempt to act against you. The events of today as well as of yesterday are important for your preservation from evil or hypocritical people and those who are at a much lower spiritual level than you. If there is at least a spark of goodness in them, focus your energy on conversations or actions in that direction. But consider correctly whether the other party has an interest and desire for such an “impact” from your part.

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