Leo Horoscope 2019

What to expect in 2019. Full horoscope for love, career, family

This year you will have new opportunities to receive better income, additional work or new sources of financial revenue. You can achieve a lot, but always be honest and responsible in your actions. Otherwise, you will receive what you deserve.
This year, you will have more frequent conversations in your family about redistributing money in your family budget due to the emergence of new unforeseen circumstances that will require more costs.
You will need to make important decisions or make necessary changes to preserve your financial stability or to rationalize the properties you own.
2019 marks important events or gatherings related to relatives born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. Hardly anything will surprise you in this regard; most likely each event will be well planned, organized or expected.
During the year, some tension will arise in your father’s home (most likely that of a father or grandfather), which, despite its complexity, will have a favorable development.
You will have to take care of relatives born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.
The marriage of relatives born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will be put to the test.
2019 reports events related to the birth of a boy, with personal, education or professional development of your son, nephew, or other young person in your family.
During the year, you will experience a very painful personal drama in the life of a person in your circle of friends: losing a job, serious health problem with unpredictable development.
In your work you will separete from a colleague or manager.
2019 will be very important for your family or your marriage. The main events will be related to your spouse or male relative.
There may be an unexpected growth in the career of a man in your family or another important social success.
This year, you will be greeted with various important events in the life of relatives born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
In 2019, many will experience unexpected joy about a girl or a young woman. In some cases, it may be a person from the family of your spouse or intimate partner. 
During the year you will experience the emotional failure of a woman in a new venture associated with a foreign country or a foreigner.
2019 will not be the best year for starting a romantic relationship. If you still create one, be careful and patient during the time of personality adjustment with your partner.
Do not let nagging of past mistakes, and look with optimism ahead or this relationship will not have a chance.
This year will be good for a trip, especially if your plans include a mother, a woman who is your relative or a female friend.
You will be pleased with an acquisition (a new car, property or something else) that may be located in another city or country.
The surprise of 2019 will be related to money. Whether it will come through an inheritance, unexpected lottery winnings, the success of your project or an innovative idea – this will be different for everyone.
Young Leo men will receive a chance (proposal) related to a new home or place to live.
A love relationship with a girl from another city or country may cause the need for a change of residence.
Young women will experience a period of trouble and emotional turbulence when they can only rely on their own resources, will, and power of the spirit.

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