Ellie says….for February 7th, 2020

Ellie says....for February 7th, 2020
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Today is marked by the “Gift Card”. Gift can come as a news about unexpected tangible/intangible, or something that you had information about. Whatever the occasion or the source of the gift is, take as a reward or sign to jump start something great in professional or personal life. Chanel your positive energy into something useful and set a perfect order in your work. If you need to take care of your health- do it now, start a diet.

Be active and and reasonable in everything.

Card of the day – “Gift”

The message, this card carries for today is generosity.

Card of the day - "Gift"

Generosity is not only in gifts or in material things, but in generosity in giving things, knowledge or skills that you possess. You may have a specific occasion for a gift: birthday, wedding, anniversary and more, but the message is bigger. Today, the selfish will not be tolerated, nor will those who set their own goals above all else. On the other hand, what some of you receive today is a gift from Destiny.

Card of the day – “The gift”

Today, material things will take precedence over spiritual things, but everything must be within a limit.

Card of the day - "The gift"

Today you can get a gift or buy one. Home purchases will also have a good effect on your comfort and mood. Deals with bills, property obligations and care will be well developed. If a home problem occurs, you will be able to solve it relatively quickly. Today, be generous, reasonable and practical.

Card of the day – “Gift”

This day will be remembered with a variety of pleasant emotions that fate gives you or your loved ones, either family or friends.

Card of the day - "Gift"

Gifts are not always tangible or expensive.

Sometimes a gift can be a meeting, an engagement or a wedding, a new job, and other things that fate gives you as a reward for your patience or good service to humanity.

Of course, you can use this day to buy, to please your loved ones with small gestures of attention, but in general, the meaning of this day is not in the material things.


Card of the day- A gift

Saturday- August 17th, 2019

On Saturday you will be able to unwind and shop, tidy up your home, make changes, build or complete already underway repairs or construction. On this day, it will be important for you to be closer to the earth than to fly in the clouds. Enjoy the things you have gained or received through your relatives and friends. Today it will be important to give something with good feelings, to be generous and not to boast about your actions.