Card of the day – “Child”

This will be an auspicious day to have a delayed conversation with a child or young person in your family.

Card of the day - "Child"

Honesty in words as well as well-measured and fulfilling promises are required by you. This will be an auspicious day for activities or talks regarding maternity, childbirth, or starting activities for your own baby, such as: music, sports, and more.

Don’t look down on the younger ones today, remember your childhood, your crazies and dreams.

If you’re born on the 28th February

Find out what does the year hold ahead of you.

There is a special year ahead of you, the end of a period of your life and the unexpected start of something new. You will have a good time for love experiences, creating a family or harmonizing your marriage. Some of you will enjoy the appearance of a child or grandchild.

Birthday Horoscope for those born on the 28th February
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