Ellie says……February 11th

Today, some of you may feel protected by an adult woman, who could be a mother, grandmother, aunt and others.

This protection is individual and will depend on your effort and actions so far. If you have worked hard, now will be able to get the rewards.

If you feel that you have been protected by someone who has passed away, honour that. Light a candle or say a little prayer. Remember, for as long as we remember people, they are not really gone.

Ellie says….for February 7th, 2020

Ellie says....for February 7th, 2020
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Today is marked by the “Gift Card”. Gift can come as a news about unexpected tangible/intangible, or something that you had information about. Whatever the occasion or the source of the gift is, take as a reward or sign to jump start something great in professional or personal life. Chanel your positive energy into something useful and set a perfect order in your work. If you need to take care of your health- do it now, start a diet.

Be active and and reasonable in everything.

Ellie says…..February 6th, 2020

Today is all about love!

Ellie says.....February 6th, 2020
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For many of you dreams will turn into reality. And this may not only be related to “person to person” love, but love in general. Love for the humanity, for the planet, love towards every living thing. The day is important for hard work and overcoming obstacles in our personal lives, and for the benefit of the world.

Enjoy the simple beautiful things in nature, that surrounds us.

Ellie says…… for February 3rd

Today is important day for everything related to the family.

For those of you who are single, there will be pleasant surprises that might change their status. In some case it could be a rebirth of old relationship.

For those of you, who are in a relation or have a family, the day brings events and commitments related to this.

If there are any family issues or obstacles today is the right time to clear everything.

Ellie says…..February 2nd, 2020

The day brings important notification; a letter, a telephone call, a telegram, a document, an email or something else.

Ellie says.....February 2nd, 2020
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This is could be regarding a decision that takes you forward, or about hard work that you have done and now you are reaping the fruits of it.

Whatever the case is, make plans and work them out. Fate will help you, but you need to stay fair in everything.

Ellie says….for February 1st, 2020

Today brings protection from God in every aspect of life.

Ellie says....for February 1st, 2020
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Whether is something special happening to you today or something that you don’t currently understand, there is a meaning a behind and it is for your own good. Keep that in mind today!

Reflect on what the day bring to you. If it’s money, you’ve deserved it, if it’s trials, there is something you need to learn.

Be thankful today and believe in your faith!!! If you’re true to yourself and your motives you will soon be rewarded.

Ellie says….for January 31st, 2020

Today, many of you are likely to receive small money.

Ellie says....for January 31st, 2020
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This could be from a successful deal, bonus at work, in your family, or it could something totally unexpected. It is individual for each one for you, and it brings happiness.

For some of you the small money are as a reward from sweated and hard work. Accept them with joy, because you deserve this!!!

Others may have to spend small money on something recreational; music, art or just going out in the nature.

Love and tolerate all!

Ellie says…..for January 30th, 2020

Today a very important role in your life will play a woman. She can be a female friend, wife, sister, mother even a grandmother too.

Ellie says.....for January 30th, 2020
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She can help you take a decisive step forward, by mobilizing your strengths. Use the positive influence of the famale figure today to make things work, but stay fair in everything.

Remember, be grateful and thankful to this special woman and her wisdom.

Ellie says for……January 29th, 2020

The vibe of the day is “Hope”

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The day carries hopes for your own home, reflect on what’s happening inside and make plans for it.

At work, everything stays as it is, it’s time for reflection, analysis and refinement.

Now it’s not the time to look at the past with regret, rather assess the mistakes and draw the future.

In general the day brings hope for love, hope for travel, home and work. Stay positive and put in the positive vibe in everything, that you dream about.

Ellie says…..for January 28th, 2020

The vibe of the day is “News about money”

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
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The day brings news about money. It is likely to be something related to the home or family, but it may as well be something personally for you. It can be through a phone call, letter, document or even a personal conversation.

For some of you the news can come from work, as a reward for something achieved.

Whatever the source of the money news is, it will make your day brighter and happier.

Remember today: be responsible, secure and live a harmonious life within the home.