Pisces for 2022- detailed yearly horoscope

Dear Pisces, in 2022 your inner and outer comfort will be determined by your professional position, career development or the success you achieve in your education.


There will be good development not only for those of you who work from home but also for those who deal with real estate, business, construction, renovation of homes and buildings and more.


Your financial stability will naturally be essential for your self-esteem, for your mental and physical balance and your good mood. However, finances will be where a more careful allocation of the existing resources will be required. The reason for this will not be the lack of actual income but the emergence of unexpected costs that will create short or more extended periods of tension. Tensions can also arise in monetary matters involving female relatives, such as grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and others. This is not about a rupture in your relationship but the emergence of a situation that will require more comprehensive diplomacy and flexibility in resolving it.

The year will favour the pupils, students or people who need to acquire additional knowledge. However, many will change their primary choice, moving to another field/subject that is more relevant and provides a more prominent opportunity quickly to find a job upon completion. This change will be a good solution, especially if these studies are related to professions such as communications, Internet, transport, logistics, tourism, travel (but land).

During the year, you will have the opportunity to improve your relationships with brothers, sisters, cousins, friends or neighbours with whom you had problems in 2021. The events and experiences in your personal life will largely depend on the actions and decisions of people of water or fire signs. They could be brothers, sisters, close cousins, neighbours or people from your immediate environment. Your personal life will be unpredictable because either you will live with some illusions, or you will be the object of some intrigue, lie or deception.

Those of you who will go through a divorce process during the year which may have occurred in 2021 will feel this vibe the most. Everything this year will depend on your goals, what kind of personal life you want to have. Whether it should be satisfying only you or you are aware that in love and marriage there are two people. During the year, actions related to gambling or easy winnings will cause you unexpected losses and awkward situations.

Parents born under this zodiac sign will experience a brief or prolonged separation from a child that may have occurred in the previous year and may be related to work, study or other important reasons in the family. It will be a reason for more vigorous communication over the phone or via the Internet between parent and child. The situation will be more complicated for those parents who are in the process of divorce, as there will be a serious contest for custody of a child or more maintenance. 2022 will have an intended impact on men over the age of 35 and require them to make a more tangible change in their character or lifestyle.

Otherwise, clashes with family members will be more frequent, especially if you have a partner born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. The year 2022 as a whole will reflect very strongly on domestic and family relations, preparing them for a significant transformation in a new time, which is to happen in the period 2023 – 2025. Those representatives of the sign Pisces who have an ascendant Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus will have to take more genuine care of their physical and mental health. 2022 also brings a change with partners for those of you who have business relationships with people near or far. Many contacts will break down due to the exhaustion of their activities and relevance, others will change and adjust according to new circumstances in business and the world as a whole. Most of these changes will happen at your request due to your awareness of the need for such actions.

Your circle of friends and business partners will also change, growing smaller but more valuable to you. 2022 will come into your life with some limitations that I mentioned at the beginning of the horoscope. They will require a more sensible use of your funds, stabilization of the material base – home, car, farm and more. You will use a lot more energy this year to create enough comfort for yourself and your family if you have one. It will be a challenging year for actions related to the division or sale of inherited property and property that your family owns. 2022 will favour foreign travel and relationships for women over the age of 35. You can travel for different reasons, create and develop romantic, personal or business relationships with people from various parts of the world. Spiritual development in Pisces women will be more prominent, visibly, significantly, than in men of the same zodiac sign. What should be the most important pillars for you in 2022? Above all, this is your family, as you have carried it through to 2022. Keep it, no matter how hard it is for you to achieve it! Some of you will remember the year with unexpected events related to the engagement or wedding of friends, neighbours or colleagues. In 2022, a person from your family can start an unexpectedly important and promising social or political activity.

Those of you who pay more attention to financial affairs, investments or expenses will remember the year with great results in these things. You should not be tight-lipped or too conservative, but be careful, consider such actions because the line between success and loss will be small and will depend only on the wisdom in your actions. I wrote at the beginning of the year will help you in one way or another to select the people around you. The younger Pisces will be very definite in such actions, who will act impulsively by breaking off relations, sometimes without listening or giving the other party a chance to explain their actions. Unfortunately, 2022 can give some life lessons to young men and women in an unpleasant and sometimes painful way.

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