Aquarius for 2022- detailed yearly horoscope

Dear Aquarius, 2022 is a year in which your birth town, home, family and parents will matter.

Capricorn Aquarius for 2022- detailed yearly horoscope

That is the most valuable thing you’ll need to rediscover (if you have lost it for some reason) or keep it for the times ahead. 2022 is a time when you will learn to walk without rushing and forcing events. You will learn to take better care of your health.


Change your lifestyle if it is the cause of your ailments or chronic illnesses. You will pay more attention to doing things that create a good mood, charge you with positive energy and optimism.

2022 will be a good time for treatment, therapy and normalization of your physical condition through various active exercises, meditation, lifestyle change by eliminating harmful habits.

Aquarius parents will remember the year with various unique experiences related to a child. It will be a favourable year for conceiving or giving birth to a child, whether it happens naturally or you need some medical intervention.

This year will require you to learn to sift the lie from the truth, the sincere people from the false ones. You will need to discover the invisible or the unspoken words, the actions of the people around you.

Your material stability during the year will be significant because it will give you the security you will need during such a transitional period in your life. In 2022 you will be more ambitious to provide the family with a cosy home or invest money in various properties for investment purposes. Be sensible and never act emotionally in such cases. Be careful when buying expensive things for a child, when you promise financial help for endeavours that your intuition tells you will be a mistake.

During the year 2022, you will have many commitments related to documents and contracts, providing current and future income for you personally and for your family. The financial year will not bring tremors for you, but that does not mean that you have to be careless and act in a risky way, driven by emotions or influence.

The year will favour plans related to travel abroad. It will be an extraordinary time for those who have lived, studied or worked abroad. 2022 is a time to return to the homeland, to the home, before the circumstances begin to develop backwards, which will make such a change much more complicated or impossible. Invest time, money and energy in maintaining your father’s home. It is a mission, not a whim. During the year, you will experience life separations with people who have been a part of your life at different times. Some of these separations will be expected due to the people getting old or changes in their personal lives. There is no drama in this prediction it is part of the path that you or the people around you will have to follow. As I wrote at the beginning that 2022 is an imperative time for stabilizing family and family relations. It will be a year to reunite separated families, whether due to emotions, work in another locality or other relevant reasons. Your love life in 2022 will not be boring. New acquaintances and/or new love for those who need it. Engagements and marriages will also be part of the main experiences for the sign of Aquarius. Those who have managed to build a stable relationship over the past few years with reason and patience. These love or intimate relationships will have an exciting development, where the other partner was born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo or has such an ascendant. 2022 will come with a more substantial bag of surprises in everything that concerns your family and relatives. Events will sometimes sadden or disappoint you. Overall it is a year of exciting events or chances to build and maintain these essential pillars in your life like home, love, marriage, family. Sometimes these surprises (from the bag) can be so unexpected that you will not react suitably, even if it is related to a pleasant event.

During the year, married men will face various unexpected situations related to relatives by their wives. New responsibilities or obligations will fall on your shoulders, and for some of them, you will be unprepared. Young men are required to pay attention to newly established intimate relationships or extramarital ones (if you are married). Such experiences will not pass without any complications or unpleasant situations. 2022 will be remembered with an event related to a woman who is your relative or who you know. Her life on earth will end, but she will leave a lasting mark with her actions and achievements.

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