New Moon vs Full Moon for January 2022

Lunar Phase for January

In astrology, the Moon is considered a planet. And not just any planet, but one that is very important to us.

Moon is the planet that represents our inner world with our emotions, instincts, mood, feelings and etc. For that reason it is necessary to know and understand the phases of the moon, when is the new and full moon. Generally and in the most simple way, please remember that new moons mean new beginnings, and full moons mean release.

The new moon is invisible to the eye, and so the nights are dark. It is the first phase of a new lunar cycle, it brings energy for fresh beginnings. Astrologically, this is a good time to plant seeds for a new endeavour, take the first steps toward a new goal, or start manifesting something you want to bring into your life.


Full moons are bright and they illuminate the night sky. It is a myth that full moons usually bring chaos and high energy and there is a reason for it. Full moons show us our progress and the fruits of our labour. It brings us light and clarity and things.

So, use the advantages and the disadvantages of the new and full moon carefully and wisely. Check the lunar cycle calendar to plan your activities, work and decision making.



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