Daily Horoscope for Friday, November 12, 2021

Daily Horoscope for Friday, November 12, 2021

Hello friends. For the first time, I will allow myself to address personally all of you who read my horoscopes, because as I wrote at the beginning of November, life brings many trials, in one way or another for everyone.

As of yesterday, two in my home are positive for Covid. These are my little grandchildren who are doing well so far. My prayers are for their mother, who is currently caring for them, trying to isolate them from the rest of our family. Whether this is the only test for me and my loved ones, I do not know. I don’t even know if I will be able to write my new daily horoscope tomorrow, but I hope God will protect me and all the other people, both those I love and the rest of the world. Always remember that every day is a gift of God. Enjoy it as life gives it. Tomorrow, your destiny may be drastically different. Love each other and beware!

On Friday, new things in your life will find an unexpected way to appear and declare their presence. For some of you, they may be related to work, for others to family, for others to travel or some kind of relocation. Those born on this date begin a new cycle of development, which in the next 12 months will lead to significant changes in their lives. Be optimistic today, accept with a smile both the good and the bad that this day brings with it.


Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, today, do not wait for a certain development of events in your life.

It will not happen in a direction that is convenient only for you. On Friday, it will be important to accept the natural course of events, even if you don’t like it. On this day you can meet people with whom you had a common past. Friday brings you a dynamic social life, as well as opportunities for real career or business achievements. Today you can make purchases for home or personally for yourself. Arrange various home or property tasks and commitments. In your love life, a conversation or experience will require more serious reflection and reassessment.
For Aries, the day brings new opportunities and chances, as well as a great deal of luck.
For Leo, the day will be remembered with an experience that will occur around a child or young person.
For Sagittarius, homework does not decrease on the contrary! It will all depend on your proper organization!

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Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, arm yourself with a lot of patience on Friday.

Unexpected developments in some events should not affect you emotionally or cause you instability and anxiety. Avoid panic in your relationships with the people around you, as well as in the event of unexpected events. This day will have a strange and inexplicable meaning for you. The goal is to teach you to see the invisible and accept the inexplicable. Your financial affairs and especially the expenses you plan to make today will require attention. Love misunderstandings and unpleasant arguments are possible.
For Taurus, the day brings a suitable time for arranging the home, for minor repairs and improvements, refreshments with new purchases or decorations, etc.
For Virgo, love life today will bring individual messages to each of you.
Today will be an interesting time for Capricorn to communicate with friends near and far. Your actual meetings with them will depend on the specific situation in the area where you live.


There is probably already a conflict or a difficult complex situation that will require its resolution today. On Friday, the pleasant experiences will be related to travel, shipment or good news for you from another town. In general, this will be a favourable day for travel for leisure or vacation, which should not make you reckless when driving. Some of you will be involved in an event (gathering) related to older relatives or parents. In your love life, a conversation or decision can give you hope for something good shortly.
For Gemini, the day brings engagement with financial affairs, payments or receiving money.
Libra today faces some personal, business or family commitments with a woman.
For Aquarius, the expectations for this day will be related to searching for the truth about an event, situation, proposal, etc.

Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will have to look at work done or unfinished during the week and decide what you can finish today, what you can leave for next week and what new you can do.

Today it is very important to see what you have achieved, what you have missed and what you can still do by the end of the week. It is good to have faith and security in yourself, in your own decisions and actions. Realize that your success depends on yourself. However, do not refuse help or advice from someone who wants to help you. In your love relationship (for those who have such a relationship) you will have a strong influence of side factors, such as work, urgent commitments, financial matters or worries, etc.
For Cancer, worries today can be related to the health of a loved one or a difficult problem to solve.
For Scorpio today there will be reasons for a smile, joy or satisfaction. For
Pisces, the day brings difficult realization of today’s plans or expectations.


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