Daily Horoscope for Monday, October 4, 2021

Daily Horoscope for Monday, October 4, 2021
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Monday brings a new beginning in your life, especially for those of you who have so far followed a certain line of restructuring your life according to the new circumstances in which you have to live.

The first day of the week is also the first day period of the ten-days development of certain plans and tasks. They will be focused on creating a new, independent basis for the realization of your potential, ideas and plans. It will be increasingly difficult for you to rely on other people or get help before you do your best to deal with a situation in your life. October, in general, brings a lot of changes and new things to the lives of almost all people. Whether you will be able to make the right decisions, go in the right direction will be seen in November, when all unstable or hopeless things in our lives will be put to some test. Monday will be an auspicious day to travel and socialize with people from different distances.

Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will enjoy the news that will be important for your personal or professional affairs.

The day portends commitments related to money, payment of bills and more. Today, with your impatience or thoughtless words, you can cause tension in your love or family life. Events in the life of a loved one will be a reason for serious reflection or for making unexpected decisions and actions.
It will be important for Aries today to communicate more, meet different people, exchange all kinds of news. It is a day for accumulating information.
For Leo, the day will have a difficult development, the routine will be the basis of all your work or actions during this day.
For Sagittarius, homework continues to be a priority, especially if you have to solve household problems, prepare your home for the new season and more.

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Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will not have an easy day in your work.

Despite the slow development of some of your commitments, you will be able to achieve a favourable development of those already started. Today you may be challenged to make important decisions, but be careful because they will have lasting meaning in your life. This day brings pleasant contacts with friends, sharing various news or experiences. If you are travelling today, be careful with the vehicles, follow the driving rules, check all the important documents or luggage, etc.
For Taurus, Monday brings more work both in your home and with the activity you are engaged in: business or career.
For Virgo today, family matters will have a special meaning, greater responsibility, which can create tension for you.
Capricorn people can have a great day, especially if you have planned your tasks for today in advance.


Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, plan your actions well on Monday and do not ignore the details, advice of experienced people and more.

Do not create tension in your home today, as you will have favourable opportunities for harmony and understanding in your family. In financial terms, unexpected events related to money are possible.
For Gemini, the beginning of the week brings expectations related to the results of previous actions, conversations or arrangements.
For Libra, love will be a source of inspired, strong emotions or vice versa. There will be no middle ground.
Aquarius will have interesting and useful conversations about the future, and in most cases, people born under water zodiac signs will have some participation in them.

Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will have a strong desire for love, communication with friends from near and far.

Today it will be easier to work with other people, you will strive for harmony in your relationships and you will avoid confrontation. On Monday, you will rather look for personal comfort in your life. Your ambitions will be measured or will be missing today. Problems can arise from a lack of sincerity in your relationship, which can be caused by your unwillingness to contradict other people.
For Cancer, the day brings new opportunities or suggestions related to work, social or political activities, etc.
Scorpio people today will get more clarity about the development of their plans this week. You will be greatly influenced today by people born under the air zodiac signs.
For Pisces today, attention will be required for actions or conversations related to a child, people in need of someone in a lower position in the society where you live.


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