Weekly horoscope by Shana for July 19 – 25, 2021

Runes Horoscope for all the zodiac signs

Weekly horoscope by Shana for July 19 - 25, 2021

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

It is time to relax and feel safe. Control your internal dialogues
and believe in your abilities. To cope with the tasks, you will need to take into account other people’s opinions, but do not forget your intuition.

Career – you will feel comfortable in your workplace. Make sure that your
surroundings are calm and harmonious. Make your colleagues trust you, be interested in them. You can be a trusted person. Suppress any conflicts that may arise.

Personal relationships – fire and passion! A very appropriate period for
conceiving a child, if that is in your plans. If your relationship is new – expect deepening feelings. If you are unbound – leave your mind aside and trust your feelings!

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Expect temporary stagnation in your plans. The development will be barely noticeable. If you are impatient, it will be quite
difficult this week. Calmness and passivity can lead you to apathy. The advice to you is to wait for this period to pass. Postpone important decisions for a better time.

Career – on the one hand, this is a week of tension. You will need to put in extra effort to handle it. On the other hand, you are under invisible protection, which will protect you from negative external circumstances. Don’t give in to emotions and make decisions with a sober mind.

Personal Relationships – There are things in your relationship that you do not want to see. As long as you close your eyes, relationships will continue to exist in the same way. If this illusion disappears for some reason, your relationship may fall apart.


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This week your plans will not follow their natural course of
development or occurrence. To be successful, you will need to make special and focused efforts to compensate for deviations. It will be difficult to get the information you need.

Career – Your career development will depend on how much effort you make, how much authority you have, and the extent to which you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills. The better your qualification, the better your financial income. You have the potential for development.

Personal Relationships – Your relationship will go well if you are willing to
compromise on a partner. Try to keep it running smoothly and without conflict. Whatever goal you have – you will not achieve it right now. In the event of disputes, do not necessarily try to prove yourself right, even if you are. Otherwise, your discomfort is certain.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

a week of change that will be devastating on the one hand, but on the other – will open the door for new development. Events will be beyond your control. Do not give up! It doesn’t matter what the cause of these events is – you or other external factors. Your strength, tenacity and endurance will help you get through this period.

Career – a crisis is approaching, and you can feel it. You may have broken a written or unwritten law. Or deep down inside you don’t want to do this job. Think about whether you would feel better in another workplace.

Personal Relationships – it is a difficult period for personal relationships. It may be painful memories, events or the need to resolve issues related to another weakness in your relationship. Efforts will not produce the desired result. The advice for you is to learn to adjust to what is happening.

** Please note that the weekly horoscope is general. Not everything can always apply to you. If you would like a personalized interpretation on issues that interest you – contact me at gifale28@gmail.com

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