Weekly horoscope by Shana for March 15- 21, 2021

Runes Horoscope for all the zodiac signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The week brings positive change that can be very serious, and this will cause you to start from scratch and become another person. Be aware, observant, and make sure you finish on time. Do not be afraid of anything, be confident in yourself, and do not exaggerate the importance of everything that happens.

In your career, the time has come for you to part with something professionally. Will it be your goal, opinion on a particular issue, communication, relationships, etc. The rules of the game determine the situation. Your actions or interest in every situation should be more careful and delicate. Do not intervene directly. Follow the rules already established.

In your intimate relationship, a situation forms, related to fighting, overcoming negative external circumstances, or interfering with other people in your relationship. It will unite you as a couple, but it can bring emotions out of control.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

During this week, the expected changes will be challenging to implement. Now is not the time when you will be able to feel your influence. Not everything you know about is. Communication will be difficult. Wait for a better period for your plans.

In your career, expect the unexpected, which unfortunately can be frustrating. You will feel insecure and wonder if this is the right path for you. A break in relations with colleagues is possible. The mutual misunderstanding has reached a point where it can lead to more severe conflict. Make an effort to keep your balance, be restrained, and listen. Time for business trips is not appropriate.

Personal relationships – Prepare for emotional or sexual incompatibility with your partner. You will feel frustrated and will not accept the changes. The advice for you is to live in the present day. Do not try to bring back the past, as this will not help you. Relax and let the time do its job. The new reality is slowly emerging.


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This week you can expect total expansion, growth and clarification of what has been incomprehensible to you so far. Keep the started or new relationships because they will help you develop as a person. Give up everything that somehow obscures your life. Be active, energetic and allow yourself to express emotions and feelings.

In your career, you will find yourself in a situation that will require your prior preparation and hard work. Set goals and chase them. Your direction of development is properly chosen. Be persistent, not indecisive. Fate is on your side!

In your love relationships, you will be captivated by different warnings, feelings and dreams. Your imagination will run at full speed, and your intuition will be stronger. Now is not the time for active action in the outside world but inner solitude. It is enough for your partner to be together, to be silent together. Don’t worry if there is no active communication between you. It is a good time for rest close to moving water.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The week brings change that will be devastating on the one hand, but on the other, it will open the door for new development. Events will be beyond your control. Do not give up! It doesn’t matter what the cause of these events is – you or other external factors. Your strength, tenacity and endurance will help you get through this period.

Career – a period during which you will feel a lack of support from colleagues or leadership. It may be a sign that these people do not agree with your career development at this time. It’s good to find allies or patrons as quickly as possible.

In your love relationship, there is a crisis approaching. Deep conflicts and emotional harmony are possible. You will feel dissatisfied. It’s better to pay more attention to your emotional state, both yours and that of your partner.

** Please note that the weekly horoscope is general. Not everything can always apply to you. If you would like a personalized interpretation on issues that interest you – contact me at gifale28@gmail.com

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