Daily Horoscope for Saturday, 20th February 2021

On Saturday, stay alone for a while and take stock of whether you are satisfied with the work done during the week, whether you missed any opportunities or wasted valuable time.

Queenstown, South Africa

Today you can balance your goals and objectives, start making time plans by the end of next week.


There is no need for conflicts with other people today. If you are dissatisfied, the battle must be with yourself. On Saturday, most of your cases will depend on the participation of women in them. They can help you, but they can also cause difficulties. It will all depend on the specific situation or person. The day will be auspicious for treatment and recovery from a medical condition. Set aside part of your day for pleasant meetings and entertainment. Your love life can also be interesting if, above all, you are in harmony with yourself.

The signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, will tend to easily fall into panic, fear or anxiety about your future.

During this day, many will experience moments of depression, melancholy or laziness. I would advise you to pay attention to the general trend of the day. Separate yourself from these negative influences, which I mentioned above. The actions of a relative or friend can make you sad or cry, but they shouldn’t. They will reflect on the person himself and his / her destiny and karma. Today, beware of any form of fraud or malice in actions against you or your family.

The signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, will have a beneficial day for work (regardless of whether it is Saturday), so organize your affairs.

Invest all your energy in the implementation of pre-made plans. Unforeseen additional commitments may arise. Today you will enjoy news related to money or the emergence of favourable opportunities for supplementary income. Today events will sometimes have unexpected developments, but in no case will they be to your detriment. Today, do not wait for luck to come to you alone, but seek it and use it – with reason and light in thoughts and actions.

The signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, will be surprised by the behaviour or words of a person of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo signs.

New acquaintances and contacts with people from near and far will be exciting, but you will definitely want to benefit from them, learn something new and then assess whether it makes sense to invest resources in them. Today, you will have a commitment or an extensive conversation with a woman related to your idea or project. Mild, short-term health ailments are possible.

The signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, will have a challenging day to plan and organize tasks.

Probably their implementation will depend on the decisions and actions of other people. Today, you will be required to be patient and tolerant of other peoples’ mood and whims. On Saturday, there may be an unpleasant conflict related to a domestic problem that hasn’t been resolved. The day is auspicious for travel and contact with people from different distances if your relationship with them is family or romantic. Today, each event will have its unique development, but the key trend will be good for you.

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