Weekly Horoscope by Shana for 7 – 13 December 2020

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

A week full of various events such as revealing a secret, finding or reaching for long-sought knowledge, awareness of yourself or a situation, receiving serious predictions. It can also be an unexpected success, perfect timing, profit and more. Whatever happens to you – remember that you have to be objective and fair. You will need good self-discipline to move forward.
Career – expect obstacles in your work, pay more attention to your competition or colleagues with whom you don’t get along. The point is to learn how to ask and receive help from others. Build a team of people who will support each other and will help you as well.
Personal Relationships – Your relationship needs repair, compensation. Keep your efforts focused and rational. Nothing can exist on its own. If you are still alone, it is important to be realistic and take a practical approach to find a partner.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Something new that you will do this week will be to follow what other people desire and have to say. You will trust more in their opinion and judgment. This can be a bad game, and it is possible to mislead you. It is best to rely on yourself and your own knowledge. If you still choose to trust another person, check what you’ve been told or offered.
Career – Postpone the thoughtful changes for another time because you may have a hard time delivering them. You do not have enough information, or your communication with others is broken. If you do, however, seek help from outside people with whom you have common interests.
Personal relationships – a period during which you will have difficulty communicating with your partner. If he wants something, you may not like it. Find the reasons for the broken communication in your emotions. Maybe you are not open-minded enough, distrustful or think you do not deserve something?

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A period of creativity.
If you want to change the situation, use your thoughts and passions. Feel what you really want. Draw it in your mind and fill it with emotion. On the outside, the manifestation will come later, but let that not bother you.
Career – for the time being, everything in a professional plan remains as it is. There will be no change on the outside, nor in terms of how you feel at work. Press the pause button and wait. There are obstacles ahead of you that you should not try to overcome. The time will come when this situation will pass, and then things will start working.
Personal Relationships – Often a person finds himself in a situation where is in doubt about something, do not know how to do it or cannot make a decision. If you are in a similar situation with your partner – seek advice from your loved one. This will help you solve your problem. This week’s communication will be important to you.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Look around and see what is no longer working for you and get rid of it. It can be about things, relationships, understandings, habits and more. If you are doing something new – trust in already proven solutions and let tradition guide you. Remember you will get as much as you deserve!
Career – you have a chance to develop, but it will not be easy. You will feel dissatisfied with your work and do your best to fill the gaps. It is important to know that this is exactly the path you must take. The whole delay is to give you a chance to think again and decide if you really want it.
Personal relationships – a period during which relationships with your partner will be very fragile. Any adverse external circumstances will affect your relationship badly. Think carefully about your every step and action. Beware of disputes, quarrels and people that can put tension between you and your partner.
Successful week!

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