Saturday’s daily horoscope- November 28th 2020

Saturday is a good day to revive the fable of the “good and the bad wolf”.

Be aware of the long text, which I’m certain you’ll understand the message within. “An elderly Cherokee leader talked to his grandson about the internal struggle that each person leads. He told the little boy that two wolves were fighting in our souls.”

“One is evil and ferocious” – said the grandfather. It embodies all our negative emotions: anger, greed, arrogance, denial, dissatisfaction, self-pity, feelings of superiority or inferiority, egocentrism, pride.
“And the other wolf,” the old man continued, “is the good one.” These are all our good thoughts and feelings such as joy, love, peace, hope, kindness, modesty, compassion, sincerity.
In the end, the boy anxiously asked which wolf won the fight.
“The one you feed wins, my boy,” his grandfather replied.

Today, show the height of your spirit in your work. Avoid conflicts, and if someone deliberately provokes you, silently deal with them if possible. (A smile can also help, as long as you don’t put irony in it).
Surprises today are associated with friends, with whom you will have meetings or conversations or receive news about them. Don’t look for non-existent problems in your home. You are probably subject to greater suspicion. If, however, your intuition “whispers” that you have good reason to doubt, sit down and talk openly to people who may have a similar problem. In general, the Sabbath brings important messages to you through various unusual experiences or dreams. It can delicately show you new paths of development or open new horizons for you. Do not reject an offer or invitation of a person born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo

The signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, are impatient and easily offended by comments or remarks of people.

This will definitely be your loss because and will make it difficult to communicate, work together or any other commitments.
Today, focus on the design of the home, refreshing some corners of the home where you live or other household chores according to the specific weather conditions in the area where you live. Do not rush to part with people today just because you have different paths of growth. The separation will not be for a long time.

The signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will think about a person who is a relative, friend or is in the Afterworld.

The reason most likely is that you miss this person or have a complicated relationship at the moment. Saturday will be a pleasant day for social contacts, gatherings and conversations with people from near and far. An unexpected event can pleasantly surprise you. Today you will expect a conversation that should help you find answers to questions that matter to you. Young women will have a promising day for travel, but also an unfavourable time for emotional decisions.

The signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, today you will be happy to spend more time with children or young people who are your daughters, grandchildren and others.

It is possible today to have a specific cause for such a wish: a birthday, a walk outside in nature, a visit to an unusual place, etc. On Saturday, you can talk or receive news related to important financial relations and commitments, the development of which is forthcoming next week. Today, do your best to make the people around you happy. Do not be afraid to follow their wishes, as long as they do not confront your own dignity.

The signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces have a mood for relaxation and will focus only on obligations that can not be postponed.

You will discuss with friends or relatives the latest news about an unpleasant situation in the lives of people you know. If you are planning a trip today, someone around you will probably surprise you with their behaviour or conversation that will puzzle you. In love, do not show stubbornness, caprices and do not force the feelings and patience of your partner.

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