Runes weekly Horoscope by Shana for November 23 – 29, 2020

Runes Horoscope for all the Zodiac signs

Runes weekly Horoscope by Shana for November 23 – 29, 2020

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The wheel spins in your favour. You are required to gather the courage and get rid of anything that is no longer useful to you – things, actions, beliefs, relationships, etc. Now is the time for a fresh start. You will have enough strength and energy to handle the new. Adequate time to resolve controversial issues, conceive a baby, travel abroad, change your inner self, etc.

Career – a time during which it is good to be as straight and open as possible in your workplace. Refrain from clandestine moves or engaging in intrigue, as this will not be good for you. You can be a victim of intrigue yourself. There may be hidden discontent or bargaining against you.

Personal Relationships – Your relationships are like a white sheet on which you can create anything. Draw through your thoughts and emotions. Watch what you think and feel, because it will become your reality. It will not happen immediately and quickly, but it will be a start that will depend on you.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Throughout this period will have to trust established, proven solutions and actions. Look for the support in existing rules. Now is the time to build on what has been made so far. If you need information, look for it in conventional sources. Save the non-standard ideas for another time. My advice is to control your emotions and actions.

Career – a week during which will be difficult to show your strength and your capabilities. You will lack sufficient energy to complete the assignments. You will not be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities, and this will make you feel frustrated. There are things you do not want to understand, but you have to do it.

Personal Relationships – Your relationship will be vulnerable to negative external influences or circumstances. It will be challenging to change the situation in your favour. Partners will feel exhausted, tired. Give yourself time to recharge the batteries. Don’t get into a dispute and adjust to what’s happening.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Stay away from conflicts and contentious situations. Your participation in them will not produce results and will exhaust you. Act as reasonably and calmly as possible while leaving emotions aside. For now, you will have a hard time following your wishes. As time goes by and the passions subside, you will realize that what you have lost has gone through your time.

Career – you will experience a lack of strength and energy, and you need them to deal with a competition or other detractors. To succeed, you will need to form your own team or find colleagues to help you with your tasks. Your progress will be barely noticeable. Use the time to gather experience and build credibility.

Personal relationships – during this period, obstacles and unpleasant surprises are possible in your personal relationship. This can lead to a serious breaking of the bond with the partner. To help you overcome the situation, you need to be strong-minded and resilient, without making needlessly complicated moves. Be prepared to step away from your principles and beliefs. Think of new ones that are right for the situation.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

A time of reflection and answers and you are obligated to make a decision. Take your time and don’t rush into it. Surrender fully to the situation. Pause and analyze everything that has brought you here – the good and the bad. Once you’ve made your conclusions, take a step forward and don’t go back. It is up to you to depend on the fresh to be truly new!

Career– To be successful this week, you are required to be part of a team and to respect the opinion of your colleagues or that of your clients. Follow the written and unwritten rules. Do not try to impose yourself on others. And something important: trust your intuition and your inner wisdom.

Personal Relationships – The most important thing this week is to work with your partner. You will complement each other in everyday life and other common affairs. It’s a good idea to have a plan to follow. If necessary, attract friends or loved ones to help you achieve your goals. Keep everything well organized, if possible in the long run.

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