Scorpio Horoscope for 2021

2021 will be important for the sign of Scorpio in professional, social and political development.

Scorpio Horoscope for 2021

During the new year you need to settle various documents or financial relations with a child or another relative who is not older than you.

Family: Attention will require health or a serious expense related to a member of your family. In 2021, you will have more care related to elderly relatives, including your relatives who do not live with you in the same home. These commitments are not related to any drama, and there is no point in pre-loading yourself with any bad expectations or premonitions.
This will be an auspicious year for reunions with relatives, including cohabitation under one roof.

Property: During the year, men at the age of 35 can experience a serious loss that concerns some kind of house or expensive property. It is possible to get rid of a property that you do not use, by offering it for sale or rent.

In 2021 it will be important to strive for the implementation of plans and projects that are realistically achievable in view of the circumstances in the country where you live. Avoid risky actions and do not rely on promises of other people,¬†as well as information, that you personally didn’t verify.

Those of you who are involved in some court or legal case, should not rely solely on the correctness of other people, as you may face an unpleasant surprise.

Watch out for important relationships or big projects involving people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Marriage: 2021 will be a good year to start a family and get married, but only if you have the blessings of your parents. In this sense, in countries where there are similar traditions, arranged marriages will have a good future.

Love: In the love life of those of you who have a partner from another locality or country, conflicts will arise due to suspicions of disloyalty, doubts or evidence of communication with other partners, lack of trust related to specific mistakes or fraud.

Career: For the ladies over the age of 35 there will be good circumstances in the professional life. Some will even have the opportunity to start a new career in an area that will require specific knowledge and skills. This will be an auspicious year to start own business or to create a new circle of contacts and clients.

Home: For those Scorpios who are already married, 2021 brings a period of turbulent moments due to jealousy, infidelity, attempts to escape from family responsibilities and obligations and more. Only marriages in which there is equality between the partners, understanding and respect will survive this year. Development in other marital relationships will depend on your individual horoscope, but in general divisions or divorces are not excluded.

Events: During the year some Scorpios are going to attend an engagement or wedding, which can be related to a relative or friend of a spouse, paternal relative and others. Such an event may also concern your son or grandson, younger brother or nephew.

Relationships: Relationships with friends, relatives or acquaintances who live in another country will have a good development. They can make decisions about an investment, buying a home in their homeland, for which you will provide assistance or provide important information.
It is possible for a new person of another nationality or religion to enter your home.

Plans related to relocation to another country will also have a good development, primarily for economic reasons.

As I wrote at the beginning, 2021 will be important for your professional, social and political development. This applies to those of you who will not allow behind-the-scenes deals, unfair actions related to money or other benefits, corruption, use of acquaintances with other (influential) people.

For young women the year is favourable if have important travel plans, such as studying in another country, marrying a foreigner, working under a temporary employment contract abroad and others. Relationships with people born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, who live at a distance from you, will be important for you.

Surprises this year will almost always be associated with disappointments due to the inability to realize your wish or plan, although you have previously had great confidence and certainty that these things can happen. This will be due to your inability to properly assess people and circumstances, as well as your own capabilities and resources.

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