Weekly horoscope by Shana for 5 – 11 October 2020

Weekly horoscope by Shana for 5 - 11 October 2020

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Pay attention to partnerships and collaborations of any kind! Now is the time to handle the tasks with the help of another person. Great period for concluding deals or signing contracts. Your efforts will give the desired result.

Career – at the moment it is not suitable to look for a promotion or change of position. Everything you are interested in is busy and is not expected to be released soon. If you still want change – you will need to acquire new knowledge and skills. Until then, try your best to deal with what you have.

Personal relationships – lack of spontaneity and slight fatigue will accompany your relationship during the week. If you have controversial issues – it will be difficult to change anything right now. Circumstances will not depend on you.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

It’s time to reap the benefits of your work! Whatever you have sown and grown, you will receive. The period is also suitable for starting something new. But remember that the first results will come in time, which will not be small. Be patient and do not relax, so as not to lose what has been achieved so far.

Career – set your goals and follow them in a delicate way. Aggressive and aggressive actions will not lead to results. Be willing to compromise, as well as negotiate with colleagues. If necessary, postpone your desires to help others.

Personal relationships – fire and passion! A very suitable period for conceiving a child, if this is in your plans. If your relationship is new – expect a deepening of feelings. If you are single – put your mind aside and trust your feelings!

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A week in which you will feel good – both physically and emotionally. Your self-esteem will be on a level. The period is suitable for starting training or retraining. If you have an idea or a plan – now is the time to act, consistently and diligently. The advice to you is not to relax and to believe that you can.

Career – you may suffer losses due to events that will not depend on you. A conflict of interest will open up new opportunities for you. The advice is to participate in the changes that will take place. This way you can advance a lot in your career, but you will have to be willing to take risks and be proactive.

Personal relationships – a time during which you will perfectly complement your partner in terms of life or other common affairs. Expect changes that will be for the better. Appropriate period for building long-term plans.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Revise your plans and expectations. It is very possible to be deceived, to be deceived by someone else’s opinion and not to rely on your own judgment. Be careful what you are told. Check the information.

Career – somehow you will not be able to fit into the daily routine duties and activities. Now is not the time for new things. If you have ideas – save them for another time. It is very possible that you will have to start a certain project or task from scratch.

Personal relationships – the week during which you will feel a lack of support from your partner. Communication and understanding will be difficult.

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