Edita’s thought on current World map

In the beginning of 2020 I’ve published preliminary characteristic of the year where I mentioned military maneuvers.

Edita's thought on current World map
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

The USA started dislocating of territory, of Europe. This is not going to be the last such event. This will not be the last such action. As I said then, there will be new treaties, new “wringing of hands”, new manipulations and regrouping in the existing alliances. However, these are the last breaths of the United States before their really bigger problems begin.
The center of the world is shifting to the east, ie. Europe, and later will expand to Asia. Of course, this will not happen tomorrow! These are processes that will unfold for decades to come. The world economic map is changing and will continue to change more dynamically in the coming years. The EU is about to be “repaired”, new agreements with some Asian countries, and it is possible to raise the old ideas about India and Brazil.
The relationship between UK and USA will not develop as it was (probably) intended. Cracks will appear that will prevent them from finding their place on the new world map for many years to come.
Around us. The Czech Republic, followed by Poland, will move significantly, and later Central Europe will show the West and the North that they are factors to consider. It is likely that 3 subgroups will be formed in the EU, which will communicate better in negotiations than now.
More – later 🙂

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