Edita’s Horoscope for next few days

Aries – Be careful in social engagement and activity! Watch out for accidents and emotional outbursts! You will be strong with a soft tone when communicating. If you are in a situation of flirting you will have good results with a harmonious and caring strategy + initiative for pleasures of all kinds. Short trips will bring you pleasure. Watch the speed limit and be careful on the roads!

Taurus – Tensions, change, good trade opportunities, the opportunity for a slight increase in income, a good atmosphere for new negotiations and contracts, however pay attention to mistakes and pitfalls! Family commitments. Some will be overwhelmed by internal changes.

Gemini – What can I tell you ?! Watch the politicians and DO NOT do like them 😁! For one twin there will be anger and emotions, and for the other twin it will be pleasure and self-satisfaction from some changes! 🙂 It will be interesting.

Cancer – family and relative’s conversations and activities. There will be anger and tension over topics and emotions from unmet needs of family members. You will have changes, and for some surprising actions from the outside environment. Some representatives will even reach sadness and self-pity.

Leo – You are emotional, there is drama around you, but you do not demonstrate it. There will be personal rage, which may come from external factors, even abroad. You will learn and grow from what you have learned. Call friends or people from groups of interest and hobbies! This will make you feel better. Take care of your health!

Virgo – Who is trying to lie to you and involve you in their situation 😁😱🤔? You will “show them how is done” as you know it 🙂 Be careful with a child, office, colleagues and a friendly atmosphere! You have increased activity in the outdoor environment! Emotions rage inside you, but they are for change. Conversations and activity for personal sale will be more successful these days 😉 🙂

Libra – external factors will attack you and / or disrupt your pursuit of pleasure and harmony. Diplomacy from the external environment will be absent and will even be broken. Home and family, career and outdoor activity will be the topics. New, events from abroad and / or contacts from there will balance to some extent the overall picture 🙂. Conversations on favorite topics or short trips will help.

Scorpio – communication will currently bother you, and changes in the topic for some of you are desired and targeted. There is tension in the work environment and be careful of your health! Colleagues, siblings and neighbors can break your nerves, but …. You are emotional and full of desire for knowledge about yourself and development. A partner and / or contract can surprise you and move you in a different direction. Indulge in pleasures to reduce stress! Travel is not recommended!

Sagittarius – you have indicators and opportunities for flirting and meeting your communication needs, but at the same time nothing serious. Be careful! Have a good time and have fun, but don’t get into nonsense! Parents, pay attention to your children! Some Sagittarians will have financial difficulties and this can also come from family, relatives, career problems. Some will even doubt their qualities. You have something to change and learn from the situation.

Capricorn – a lot of tension, change, clearing old situations, goals and topics. Changing directions and behavior. In the office and at home there is tension over unmet needs of different nature of the members. Some Capricorns are afraid to “jump” into the unknown and new at this stage. Self-limitation and internal changes are not eternal! You want to “go”, but something always happens or stops you. Your inner world is now most important for change, so you can apply later.

Aquarius – duties, service, work, and for some health problems of loved ones or personal. Growth and isolation at times. For some of you relation from abroad or money from abroad is a factor. You have problems with finances or financing. Loans for some become a solution. You have a lot of topics to grow and think about: communication, marriage, arrangements, partner, home, family, career and social realization. The changes are coming for some, for others they are already a fact.

Pisces – will have financial problems and inability to determine the remuneration of your work. Some will have to part with an environment and friendships, while others will have to replace it with groups of a higher level and status. If you have not learned to sell yourself, now you have the opportunity to build a new strategy. For some of you, creativity in all directions will be on the agenda as well as children, hobbies, personal time for the realization of pleasures and dreams. Let the soul find its position in society.

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