Edita’s thought of the day

Few more day and Mercury goes straight, but stays retrograde until July 26 in the morning. On the night of the 12th, and 13th, it “turns around” and from then until the 26th you can be active on its topics, but with more attention. We still shadow of doubt and the astrological position leaves us strained on a cardinal level.

Edita's thought of the day

Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn will the trend of events. There will be basic figures, “supporters” or winners, in the end, the final chords will be understood. Of course, your natal charts are very important, and so are your personal energies.

Gemini and Sagittarius have interesting activity on topics: love, sex, money, perseverance, zeal and sharpened communication. BUT if you have good aspects and work on/in/ yourself (through your cards), there will be positive things at the level of awareness. This will encourage you to take action.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, you will be emotionally focused on yourself for more life, for your personality and for tomorrow’s situation. Some will respond, others will harmonize and grow, and others will look for themselves. Literally! They will want to get to know themselves, rediscover and be more stable

Leo and Aquarius are active too. Anger, struggles for supremacy and proof. Proving yourself at work, understanding of career and public positions, which are not clear to you and / or you do not have sufficient access to information. With you, the lineup is complex and you need a side view or an independent freeway. Seek for support!

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn will be amazed at the topics that are at stake. The change is yours! Change even if you don’t want to. Modernize, analyze, restructure, because these authorities will put you in a position of coercion. The Virgo continues to serve and service with and without desire, but there are still changes and upgrades 🙂 Beware of being misled on emotional level.

Libra and Aries will have the desire to clarify situations, the need for more information. You will be active sometimes even too much. You will shake, you will “dig”, there will be a desire for pleasant experiences, but most of you will be forced to stand “under quarantine” not by COVID 🙂. Calm down, the time has not come yet!

At the national, political and international level, the activity will not be in a positive direction. US, China, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, … will be in the center of the news not only because of COVID, but also because of political and state problems. The economy is going bad and this is not a secret, but a goal. The redistribution of capital by sectors and countries will continue until the end of the year. I keep saying that it will be difficult. I may sound boring already 🙂, but Earth and humanity are at their last breath. What we have witnessed now has not happened before. On many layers the societies change, and energetically the Earth experiences an increase of vibrations.

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