Edita’s thoughts

Food for thought for today and tomorrow

Edita's thoughts
Edita’s thoughts

Today and tomorrow it is good to focus on our core while living a seemingly “ordinary life”. 🙂.
It is good to be observant in everyday life towards material events, but to look for the intangible message and dimension.
Times are not easy for everyone and everyone is looking for ways to get more knowledge, wisdom, information, help, … to overcome, on a personal level, what is “served” on his way 🙂
And now comes an astrological moment when our dreams will carry the messenger and we can use different techniques to work with them. Who, as well as how much he has learned. This is a universal help through the messages of the subconscious, the connection with the “home”, with the Creator, etc. 🙂
Pay attention to your dreams!
From this night to the night before the 10th and to a lesser extent the night before the 11th you can count on night conversations with yourself (your dreams), when the consciousness does not bother us, emotions are asleep and we rely on the mercy of astroenergy for us 🙂
I appeal to everyone, who works in the astrological field! A reminder about your diaries / notebooks! Let them be next to your beds, next to your heads and write down things! Before going to bed and after getting up. You know what I’m talking about 🙂 Order your dreams-answers!
Write a letter to the universe and wait for answers 🙂

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