The Predictions of Slava Sevryukova

“I see through the power of thought. Human and Cosmos and different parts of the same organism” Slava Sevryukova

The secret of the human can be solved only if one looks at it together with the Cosmos. Every human being has it’s physical and spiritual essence, which are inseparable. Let’s have a look at the physical connection first. The closest Cosmic object to us is the planet Earth, the planet where we are born, live and evolve. In general the Earth is made up of three main geospheres- the core, mantle, crust.

Similar structure has the most important part of the human body- the head, which consists of main brain, enclosed in a skull box, sensory organs and etc. The main brain is like the core, the skull together with the skin- corresponds to the mantle and the crust.

The human brain is made up of two sides- left and right both with have different functions. According to Slava, the right side of the brain is the main one, leading conscious activity, while the left one is the additional, headquarter of the subconscious. This is why, if there is a big nerve breakdown for any reason and the right side is isolated, a person can act, led by the left side and in such condition he can even commit a crime, without having any criminal intentions.

Similar to the two sides of the brain, Slava had observed two different substances- two connecting sides in the Earth’s core. One is fiery red, flames of swirling fire, which corresponds to the South magnetic pole, the other- a thick and grey, also in a swirl, part of the primordial substance, which is closed in the Earth’s crust. This substance has a lower temperature and corresponds to the North magnetic pole. The two substances mentioned above create the charge of Earth, the source of Earth’s magnetism and warmth, which the Earth’s womb transmits.

Source: from the book 1 “The diaries of Slava Sevryukova”

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