Ellie says….for 22.02.2020

Ellie says....for 22.02.2020
Photo by enfantnocta on Pexels.com

I hear that many couples have chosen the date to get married. They somehow like the repetition of the numbers 2 and 0. While nobody can argue the fact that the date appears quite interesting, whether is good for marriage is different subject all together. One thing that surely stuck in my mind is that the events of 22.02.2020 are fateful.

If it’s about love, and it doesn’t end up in a marriage it will always stay alive in your heart.

If it’s about work, it’s something that you will commit forever.

The events, whatever they are, are meant to be experienced. We might not know, right at this very moment what the purpose is, but they are not accidental.

And since the day carries 1 as a personal year number, remember that 1 brings a change. A change that some of you might have waited for a long time. Listen to your inner voice to follow your goals.

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