Aquarius Horoscope 2020

For Aquarius, 2020 will be remembered for some important changes in your life, which in most cases will unfortunately happen the hard way.

Horoscope Aquarius 2020
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Relationships: This is a year of separations for you, mostly from people who live in other cities and villages, and because of different life circumstances.
This year, your patience with the people who burden you with their problems will be exhausted. This will be another reason for separation from people who do not bring anything positive to your life.

Family: 2020 will be an unfavorable time for inheritance or will matters.
Emotionally, the year will be definitely a lot more rewarding, especially if you already have a romantic relationship or have decided to invest more energy this year in finding the right partner for you.
This year, destiny will also help you meet the right person.
Of course, if you are cranky or have too high demands, fate will not deal only with you, and in the end it will leave you to face the reality. 
This is a year in which in a love or marriage relationship, an important harmony can be achieved, start a common business, or enjoy the success of a joint venture. Many will receive a marriage proposal, but few will jump for joy. This may be due to the fact that you have higher requirements, choosing between more than one partner and these two factors will not be of much use (help) to you. 
My advice is not to rush into such a situation, think wisely, and look practically at your future. Such chances will not be given to you every day, whatever hopes or expectations you have.
More complicated developments will involve romantic relationships in which the other partner is already involved in marriage or other serious relationship. Such a love triangle for Aquarius representatives will bring them sadness and disappointment rather than success.

Home: The year 2020 brings about changes in your home that can be related to new people in your family, a new pet, new furniture or appliances, the satisfaction of a well-maintained repair. In 2020, some of you will be committed to making an important decision about a property that was owned by relatives, such as your grandparents or father and mother. It is possible to exchange it for another property that is suitable for you, to rent it or unexpectedly to receive a good offer for sale.

Finances: Some of the representatives of this zodiac sign will invest their savings in a property from which they will expect income: rent, use for business purposes and others.

Career: In your work, avoid confrontation with a manager (boss) (especially if she is a woman) born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. This can seriously endanger your position and in some cases even force you to look for a new job. In 2020, do not be impressed by offers related to working abroad or working with foreigners in the country where you live. The reality may be much different, and you may be deceived in your expectations. Make important decisions about such proposals after careful research and with great caution.

Health: The year 2020 will emotionally burden you with a serious health problem for a man in your family who may be born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces (or with such an ascendant). The development of such a disease may not be common to all representatives of the sign, but it will definitely require specific care and treatment.

Men: In 2020, Aquarius men should be careful with financial documents, loans or monetary relations, with relatives or people born under the zodiac signs Aries, Sagittarius or Leo. 

Women: This year, women will have a favorable time to travel in connection with a professional appearance, business trip, training or specialization in another city or country, public appearances and more.

The year 2020 brings about unpleasant experiences in the family of your friends, who will be overwhelmed by unpleasant news related to their child, pregnancy, desire for motherhood and others.
Throughout the year, many parents born under the Aquarius sign will experience separation from an already grown child, which will take it’s own direction of development.

Surprise: Some of the pleasant surprises of the year will be related to successes for which you previously had an intuition that you would succeed, or had strange, predictable dreams.
Another pleasant surprise will be the luck that will be given to you by fate which may concern family, money, work or more.
There will also be surprises in unexpected encounters with people of your past, popular personalities or through new dating that will play a huge role in your life.

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