Weekly Horoscope by Shana for October 28 – November 3, 2019

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Weekly Horoscope by Shana for October 28 - November 3, 2019
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Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

A time for reckoning and gathering what you have already sown. You may not like the results, as your actions and position may not have been the right ones at some point. This can curb your enthusiasm and take away your energy. You will lack ideas and you will have a hard time accepting failures. The advice for you is to analyze your motives and not pursue certain results for the time being.

Career – The most important question to ask yourself now is: whose ideas are you following – yours or someone else’s? It is very possible that you are not properly assessing the situation, being in a state of illusion, and trusting false authority. Be careful about the information you receive. Check everything several times. The advice to you is to use your intelligence.

Personal Relationships – You feel vulnerable and in no mood. You may receive a proposal that will be unacceptable to you. For the time being, the relationship is not developing. Conversations on this topic are fruitless. The circumstances are not be in your favor. Advice: learn to adjust to what is happening.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

A week of unforeseen difficulties. You have to stand up for yourself, deal with negative external circumstances or fight for something. The point of these obstacles is to learn to believe and to gain experience. Advice: do not to seek help from outsiders, but to strengthen your faith.

Career – a period of doubt, hesitation and uncertainty. You may need to make some sacrifices professionally, which will lead to a crisis. Consider whether you may be breaking written and unwritten rules in your workplace. Expect insincerity in dealing with colleagues. Try not to blame anyone. Advice: be objective and sober as possible in resolving current problems.

Personal Relationships – Expect a change in personal relationships that may not be particularly pleasing to you. For good or for worse – the time has come for your relationship to go through this stage. Advice: learn how to respond quickly to new changes. Find the balance first in yourself and then you will find support from those around you.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A week in which you feel well physically, mentally and emotionally. Your self-confidence is in place and you have enough energy. If you have an idea or plan – act consistently and diligently. Your efforts will be rewarded. Advice: be sober, when looking at everything that is happening and capture the deep meaning of change.

Career – a period during which you feel dissatisfied with yourself. For the time being, you are not be able to carry out your professional plan. You have different little things to do. Advice: be careful about what you do consciously and what you do automatically.

Personal relationships – you feel dissatisfied. Your relationship goes on inertia, and the relationship as a whole feels tired. Old unresolved issues are be back on the agenda. If you want to change something right now, it will take a lot of effort on your part to change something. Advice: control your emotions. This will make it easier for you to deal with troubles.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Some of you are planning changes that can be difficult to realize. The information you need is either not available or not complete. You need to make a lot of effort to reach what is of interest to you. Advice: look for people with whom you have a common interest and who can help.

Career – a time of abundance, growth and moving forward. Get rid of all the old and give way to the new. Now is the time to realize your wildest ideas and plans. The universe is with you and supports you. Quantity will turn into quality. An important detail is that making the changes will depend equally on you, as well as those who patronize and help you.

Personal Relationships – The week you press the pause button. Everything happens very slowly, almost imperceptibly. Everything current that needs to be resolved – remains as it is. It is now a period for storing, not moving. Advice: wait for this period to pass. There is no point in trying to change something now.

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