Birthday Horoscope for October 23rd

Happy birthday dear Libra, this year there will be a change in the home you live in.

Birthday Horoscope for October 23rd
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This may be related to moving to a new home, city, or country or residence for a certain time elsewhere. The year will greet you again with people you have not seen for a long time. You will be able to restore forgotten or interupted acquaintances.
An important role in your life will be a person whose advice or knowledge you will accept as your teacher. You will be able to solve an important problem that has created a tension or conflict over the past two years.

Your personal year number is 9 and this is what it brings.

Time for weeding the garden in your home, at work, in personal relationships. The year will not always be easy because the stones of old obstacles will suddenly appear on your way, and if you do not move them, your car can turn around. Abandoned things from the past have to be finished now at all costs. All accounts must be cleared. Without delay. The year will be full of joy and happiness, as long as you do not feel that you're the center of the universe. Year 9 is good for friendship, but it’s not a bad idea to review your friends list. You are in the process of completing and preparing for a new cycle. Turn to music, arts, nature. Love and tolerate all.

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