Card of the day – “Fate”

Today, it is difficult to control events, whether they are successful or problematic.

The philosophical acceptance of events may be helpful, but it will require a great deal of patience and humbleness.

Card of the day - "Fate"

Priority today is the completion of things that were relevant to your destiny and which mission has expired, no matter how long or short it may have been. This ending may not even be felt if you have acted systematically and constructively so far.

It is important to know that today’s events are not accidental, they have been or will remain as a mission, a task in your life. It all depends on whether you have completed them or not. If you haven’t they will stay on your shoulders over the next 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 months.

Fortune Reading Cards
These are the cards used to create all the horoscopes in my blog

We are all born with psychic ability, but over time, our left brain takes over from the intuitive right brain and we lose our confidence in these abilities and our familiarity with them. 
The set consists of: a book, a folder for the book and cards, embroidered card bag + 36 color cards. They can be used anywhere, at any time, and are particularly nice entertaining with relatives, friends and etc. 
Practice as often as you can and before you know it, you will be more psychic than you ever imagined. You will be amazed at the accuracy of your readings.
Do not ask the cards the same question. Write down the answers and keep the information to be able to follow in the future. When there is a change in the situation you are asking for, then you can ask the same question again. Respect the cards if you want them to "speak" to you. Learning to use the Reading Cards is simple, just connect to your inner voice and relax, tune in to your psychic powers. 
Sometimes reading cards can be more than a hobby....

The price of the whole set - 30 Euro, not including delivery. Payments are accepted with Paypal, Bank transfer, or Western Union. Overseas with the regular post office takes one week or 10 days.

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