Sagittarius Horoscope for 2019

Find out the does the year hold for you. Family, Love, Career, Education, Finances, Home.Find out the does the year hold for you. Family, Love, Career, Education, Finances, Home.

Travel: Those Sagittarius, who you are living abroad for some reason, this year will have to travel at least once to your Motherland. This could be related to the health of a close person with an important family gathering or a return in the homeland.
Many of you already at the beginning of the year will plan a long trip related to a visit to a special place or for an important occasion.
This will be a year that will favor travel abroad, contacts with foreigners or work in a foreign company. In 2019, despite the need to travel abroad, you will need to be careful with the transportation you will use, with your documents and all the things that will make your trip perfect.
Finance: 2019 will be a good year; as long as you look realistically and responsibly on your commitments, you can expect revenue and profits. Unexpected money is possible in the course of the year, but it will find its place and time without you to force events.
Family: relationships with a brother or sister, cousins or other relatives will be tested in a situation where you will see who really cares about you as a family member and who only sees your own interest.
Of course, the main reason will be money, property or other similar interests.
If you have a parent born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius (above all a father), this year he or she will go through a therapy associated with a serious health problem.
If you are a parent, then your own child may surprise you with an unexpected decision to go to study or work in another city.
Your family relationships will grow much more harmoniously than in 2018. 
For those of you who are married, 2019 marks an important event with a girl or a young woman who will be a relative from your marriage partner’s side.
Friends: During the year you will experience a life break with a friend (probably a woman) for various reasons or because of changes in her life.
2019 will be important for your education or career, both for you and your family member.
Single Sagittarius: Some unmarried representatives of the Sagittarius sign will marry their current or former colleague, classmate and others.
Events: This year, in general brings many weddings and family gatherings, that will be celebrated.
Surprises: One of the surprises during the year will be the birth of a child in your circle of close or distant relatives.
Some of you will be surprised by an inheritance acquisition.
You will experience the personal drama of a person you know and who lives abroad or far away from you.
This year, you will experience separation from a man who will go to the Hereafter and with whom you have worked together in the past, were members of the same organization, party, class and others. It is possible to be a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, but this is not required.
Career: 2019 will bring almost all of you a change in work, and it can be related to a new position, a new company, and a variety of other unexpected situations.
Women: over the age of 35 will make changes in their circle of friends by splitting up with those who lose their time with complaints or other negative experiences.
This year will enable young Sagittarius women to reconcile with their old friends or revive an old love affair.
In the course of a year you will receive a proposal that will be your unique chance to revive an old dream or fulfill your desire.
Men: During the year young Sagittarius men will go through short or longer love woes that will force them to make bold decisions about their love relationship.
For you, love with a woman older than you will be a cause for trouble in your family, parents (mostly mother) or friends.

Remember that the year number for 2019 is 3. Add this to your date and month of birth to calculate your personal year number. Find more information here
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