Taurus Horoscope for 2019

What to expect in 2019. Full horoscope for love, career, family

Dear Taurus, ahead of you is a year in which there will be a lot of dynamics, trips on various occasions, changes in your career and important events related to children and young people in your family.
This year, several times you will have to solve serious financial problems that will be important to your family or home.
Possibly there will be mistakes by your relatives that will bring a waste of money or unexpected high costs.
Different financial problems during the year will put to test your family relationships.
What I can reassure you is that any such problem will have its sensible solution that you will find if you avoid panic, tension, and excessive confrontation with the people around you.
Somewhat similar problems will arise also because you have allowed them to be postponed or delayed.
During the year, serious changes will occur in your work, especially if it is connected with the communication, transport or tourism industries, with people or companies from other towns or villages.
The health of a close relative (but not a parent) will seriously deteriorate and require very special care and treatment.
This year, you will be required to make important decisions about your parent or your own child. The relationship between these two generations will be very important, some continuity in skills, profession, business, or property care will be needed.
Those of you who will become parents this year will rely on the important help of their own parents.
2019 brings a new, turbulent love for young women under the age of 35. This will happen unexpectedly, in strange or unplanned circumstances. The extent to which such a passionate love affair will have a future will depend on your individual forecast for 2019.
The lives of young women in general will be very dynamic this year as they will live at fast speeds which will require much more self-control of emotions and blind desires.
The career of Taurus people in 2019 will go through some transformation, but definitely with the idea and ambition to achieve a higher level of development, greater success and recognition.
Some events in this plan can develop suddenly, with a lot of stress, panic, uncertainty, or clash with inexperienced people, but the final result will be more than positive. Have faith in the development of these events, no matter how dramatic they will be.
2019 marks an important event involving your father, grandfather, older brother, or another relative older than you. It is possible to celebrate an anniversary, important success or acquisition of property or other material value.
Men over the age of 35 will have the opportunity to buy a new home, farm land, a new car or another big purchase.
If you are married this year, you will have important relationships with parents or relatives on your partner’s side. You will settle an important document whose development will not be according to your will and desire.
Sometimes you will receive unpleasant news related to such relatives.
2019 indicates an interesting development of your friendly or professional relationship with individuals situated overseas.
A new love affair with a foreigner will be possible for unmarried women over 35 years of age.
This year will be beneficial for the development of public or political activity. You will have more contacts with people with whom you will have common interests for the development of the society where you live, for various political or charity events, etc.
The contacts you will create this year will bring you with knowledgeable, wise or famous people. 
2019 will be a good year for traveling with friends, a mother or a relative on the maternal side. Your relationship with women from other settlements will be emotional and promising for you.
Your relationship with a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo person who lives in another city or country will determine much of your plans for this year.
Men: Young Taurus men need to protect temselves from loss or theft of money, the conclusion of an unprofitable financial contract, and so on.

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